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Zirconia3.com--Whaddya want for free anyway?

RUST.  For all your rapidly-oxidizing-shapeshifting-mechanoid dialogue needs.

Amarillo USAF. (offsite) For all your evil alien mechanoid dialogue needs.

Hokie Cartoonist Hand.  Basically, we printed out SF Cartoonist Hand, traced it with a Sharpie(tm), scanned and vectorized that, and fed that into FontForge. It maintains SFCH's evenness, but actually looks like a hand-drawn font.

SF Cartoonist Hand. (offsite) We're slowly phasing this out-- it's too stiff and regular for a "hand(drawn)" font. We include it here just to give its foundry some credit; they have much better fonts available.

Swerve. (offsite) Appears in the Big Orange Machine's heads-up displays and system dialogs.

GenTen.  Also appears in our primary hero's operating system. A pixelated custom font meant to vaguely resemble Geneva 10.

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