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Two points. First: I am so, so, sorry... and not just for ripping off Douglas Adams (again)...

Second: I probably could've filled that whole page with pointless trivia like I've done in the previous documentary pages, with stuff about how all the galactic federations and planetary unions forbid the use of Urigon females in battle (sort of a Geneva Conventions type of agreement) and how the Urigons evolved to such an arrangement in the first place. But eh, the minimal approach probably works just fine here. That Godling's Glossary* quote adds just enough meat to the whole thing, without weighting it down too much.

Also: that remaining one percent probably does not include the Urigons themselves. I kinda imagine Urigons reproducing like fish, in which the male and female just release their genetic material in proximity to one another, with as little eye contact as possible, and eventually little urigon tadpoles emerge out of the floorboards or something. The less said, the better. (I know I'm not well. There's all sorts of crap bubbling up out my subconscious here. Please refer back to Point One.)

*Sadly, it seems Mr. Krieger never finished his site update, and two thirds of the entries aren't present. You'll have to resort to The Wayback Machine to get everything. It's a shame; The Godling's Glossary is/was quite brilliant (if you can get past the libertarian** crap) and was one of those things, along with the DFC, that got me hooked on the internet.

**Let me try my hand at this:

Libertarianism, n.
A magical fairy-tale land where no one pays any taxes, cops and soldiers work for free, and the roads pave themselves. Anarchy in a suit and tie. Social Darwinism at its finest: survival of the richest.


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