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All the icons!

Mac files contain a folder (with custom icon) and a .PNG file. Windows files have a .PNG and .ICO file. Both also contain brief instructions.

RUST.  MacOSX  Windows
AKA Robot Utilizing Shapeshifting Technology. The world's state-of-the-art killing machine, and possibly our best hope for survival. Heaven help us all.

Wildfire.  MacOSX  Windows
AKA Alison Waters. Possesses a medical degree in cybernetic surgery, an almost-supernatural inability to aim a bullet, and a tendency to burn karma at an alarming rate. Pink is not her signature color.

Napalm.  MacOSX  Windows
Your friendly massively-armed neighborhood cyber-vigilante. Not too old for this shit, yet.

Crankcase.  MacOSX  Windows
A useful idiot that Napalm found a use for. Can draw up and hold complex blueprints entirely in his head, and build upon them with whatever's laying around. The end results even work, mostly.

Cowboy.  MacOSX  Windows
Hacker and cryptologist extraordinaire. Can calculate square roots to 50 decimals in his head, but can't balance a checkbook. Possibly believes "The Matrix" is a documentary.

"Hockeypuck".  MacOSX  Windows
Not its actual name. The Urigon invasion force's primary Engine of Fear. Considering self-employment.

"Boxerbot".  MacOSX  Windows
Not its actual name. The Urigon invasion force's primary punching bag (so to speak). Considering therapy.

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