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It starts. As you can see, I can place notes underneath these pages. Some of them might actually contain useful or interesting information about the artwork or story, but you can probably safely ignore most of them; if I've done this job properly, you ought to be able to figure out what's going on. The notes are hidden by default-- some people like to absorb the image and form their own reaction before being told what they were suppossed to think about it. I've seen the hiding mechanism used in Concerned, a webcomic based on the game Half-Life 2, and liked it enough to use the code myself-- you don't have to load a new, separate page just to see the notes. It's available for free from Dynamic Drive.

Anyway, enjoy the show. The artwork and writing are a little clunky at first (I cringe when I look back at this early stuff), but they both get better later on, I think.

Edit (part 1 of many) Since I've finished Issue 5, I've decided to go back and touch-up some of this early stuff. A lot of this stuff sucks/sucked, frankly. The "latest update" now reflects the progress of this "remastering".


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