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Zirconia3.com (somewhat) proudly presents:

Our founder, Michael Hoke, disappeared a number of years ago. The Zirconia3.com staff didn't really mind, and we carried on. However, we started receiving packages containing rough scripts and drawings, with instructions to Photoshop them together into some kind of comic book thingy.

Yeah, whatever.

We recently discovered that Mr. Hoke had spent the last couple of years living in the Zirconia3.com offices' basement. He still sends us the drawings with notes, so we continue to publish them as they arrive. As long as he stays in the basement, we're happy up here.

WARNING: May contain unsavory and gratuitous language and violence, hopefully. Children, squeamish persons and/or professional moralists should back away slowly, and not make any sudden moves.

Also unrecommended for the low-of-bandwidth or small-of-screen-size (We're not really mobile-friendly; sorry). Each page has three image sizes to best accomodate your monitor and intertube sizes. The current default size is "medium".


The typefaces we use to make this thing.
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