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Convergent Evolution. I didn't intend to rip off Evil Dead 2 or Army of Darkness here, I swear. I started to put this crap together in high school, which was like 50 years ago-- well, actually twenty years and change (1990-ish), but it just seems like fifty. Anyway, I didn't exactly get out much, and The Internet As We Know It Today didn't really exist yet; the entity quaintly referred to as "the internet" in those days was still a text-based novelty reserved for college faculty and students, government personnel, defense contractor employees and such. I had little way of knowing about, y'know, this cool horror movie where a guy cuts off his hand (because it got possessed by evil and attacked him) and attaches a chainsaw to the end of his arm to fight zombies with. I vaguely remember seeing the poster for Army of Darkness in Rolling Stone, but at the time, it never dawned on me that the chainsaw was attached to the stump of the guy's severed hand-- that's how clueless I was back then. I eventually saw AOD in college, at the student center's movie theater of all places, and immediately thought it was the best movie EVER. Which of course led me to eventually renting and enjoying ED2.

Anyway, being totally unaware of these movies back in the early 90's, I created a giant battle robot based loosely on 80's horror movies-- gave him Freddy's claws and Jason's hockey mask, and gave him a chainsaw for an arm, partly because of Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but mostly because the chainsaw was the cliche horror movie weapon. Again, I did not know about ED2, BUT if I did, I definitely would have "borrowed" from it, and, well, we'd still have a giant battle robot with a chainsaw for an arm. So, if you want to accuse me of ripping off Evil Dead 2, I really can't stop you.


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