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And as a special bonus, not one, but two quips swiped from Spinn's Scribs comic!

Anyway, go check that out. We'll wait here. Despite the, uh, minimalist art style, Spinn gets to the funny rapidly and often (which is the point, we guess). RUST will continue to update at our usually glacial pace. We don't see this changing anytime soon, unless we abandon color, or you all send us enough cash for us to quit our jobs and devote all our time to this.


Remastering notes:Those links above won't work at the moment, due to that site being down. Damn. I'll fix those links when/if they become available again.

Anyway, i seem to recall going back to this and saying to myself, "I'll just touch up the faces, no big deal." Then I opened up the art files and said "Holy shit. This art sucks. This really really sucks." Long story short, it's so much better now. Hope you agree.

PS. I still need to learn how to plan ahead for dialogue when laying out panels. I hate having to "cross the streams" with word balloons like I had to do in the lower left panel. I hope that scans properly to everyone.


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