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Public Service Announcement. Okay, now that we've got this running joke established, I want to make something clear: This portayal of Miss Waters' shooting skills (or lack thereof) is in no way intended to be any sort of sexist all-girls-can't-shoot generalization. This is one character, who has this almost-supernatural inability to successfully aim a gun, and is female. I have a superhero name for her that will be established later, which fits nicely with her "jinx". This was all inspired by Misfire, a decepticon with a similar reputation with firearms. At least in Alison's case, she has the skills and wits and guts to work around that one shortcoming.

Remastering notes: Anyway, I have another before-and-after for you. Yikes.

Anyway, I love the little panels in the middle of the top row, where I get cartoony and silly (okay, sillier) just because of the small size; I have to simplify the art just to make it show up. Speaking of showing up, I have to include this close-up, because even the larger-size image doesn't do it justice:



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