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A shout-out to Greg "Beefheart" Peters and his excellent "Suspect Device" Louisiana-politics cartoon and blog* . I kinda... borrowed... that "Over here, Slappy!" from the 9-25-2002 comic. It's a line that been stuck in my head for a while, and the best way to get rid of that sort of thing is to use it somewhere.

*Update: FUCK. I try to check and update old links and this is what I find. SHIT.

"Suspect Device" cartoonist Greg Peters dies
Greg Peters 1962-2013
In Memoriam: Greg Peters, 'Suspect Device' Artist and Blogger, Father, Friend
The best of Greg Peters' "Suspect Device"
Remembering the unforgettable: a salute to the late, very great Greg Peters
Updated! Sketches Left by Greg Peters, 1962-2013
"Gesputten der mouthholle open und zei poopenspigot closed, Greta!"

Farewell, Agto. You Magnificent Bastard.


Again, I'm not saying that woman can't shoot guns. Relax.
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