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2010.08.05 Two points: First, I'm not at all happy with that flight-suit design; it's a little too Buzz Lightyear-looking to me. And, I'm still working out how to make the wings fold up, or otherwise get out of the way when not in use, but in a way that doesn't make them overly complex and fragile. This particular jet-pack just detaches from the back of the suit completely-- simple, but that makes it a pain to reattach without assistance. The setup will continue to evolve, and I want to work towards some sort of full-body armored suit. Not quite Iron Man, but close. Something like this, perhaps (although those wings do look emdelicate).

Second: Click here if you didn't catch the reference in the third panel. Skip to about 2:20 if you're impatient.

On a related note: If I had thought of this a lot sooner, instead of just last week, I might've made enough money to quit my job and we'd be a lot further along in the story by now:

you see, it's Michael instead of McCain, get it?

Come to think of it, "We shall say 'Ni!' again to you, if you do not appease us" pretty much sums up the Tea Party to me. "emAnother Shrubbery!"


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