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2020.07.03 Finally remastered this panel. I try to stay humble-- most of the boasting I do is sarcastic-- but I'm quite pleased with myself here, with both the new dialogue and artwork (I still cringe when I look at a lot of my old shit).

Still not happy about that flight suit and armor design-- a little too much Buzz Lightyear; I need a little more Starscream. I still want wings that can fold up or retract and be out of the way when not in use, without them becoming overly complex and fragile. This jet pack just detaches from the back completely. Simple, but a pain to re-attach without assistance. Her setup will continue to evolve, and I want to work towards some form of slick full-body armor. Something like this, perhaps (although those wings do look delicate).

Am I talking about continuing to develop a character I just killed? I suppose I am. Hmmm.


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