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That didn't take long. You see, I discovered Nobody Scores! a few months ago, and I'm already ripping it off "drawing inspiration" (yeah, that's the ticket) from it. From here and here, specifically. And the Little-Orphan-Annie eyeball thing.

Anyways, NS! is absolutely awesome and you must check it out and gorge yourself on its archives, as I have. It has excellent artwork (and a real flair for design) and a diseased sense of humor, and it makes me glad there's an internet that makes such a wonderful thing available to me.

There's only one-- okay, two problems: First, hair. You see, the two ways I've been going with Wildfire's hair-- (1)straight down, or (2) loosely pulled back, with prominant "hair fangs" down each side-- too closely match those of Sara and Jane that I feel the need to change WF's hair soon (I do give WF that strand that pokes out from the middle, but that's not enough). Besides, it's probably too long to keep stuffing into a jet-pack helmet, anyway.

Second, I have to fight the urge to scrap everything and start over with a MUCH simpler style. NS! really has me reexamining my own abilities and artistic choices. I am inspired and depressed all at once. I love it.



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